Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You may be right; I may be crazy

Maggie_RustyThat little black bundle of fur will be joining our family on Saturday July 2.  Little Rusty and his 5 brothers and sisters and his momma were rescued during some of the recent flooding.  His momma’s previous owners had her tied to a tree 24/7 and she gave birth to the pups tied to the tree.  She is a border collie/corgi mix and they think the dad had some Lab and chow.  Rocky found these pups via one of his coworkers who volunteers at B.A.R.K., taking great photos of the rescued pups and cats.  We picked out one via the photos and stopped by last Saturday to check them out.  They had just been given their parvo shots, so we weren’t able to go in and play with them.  Sandy told us we could bring Maggie by on Monday (the day they are closed) and let her go in and pick out a pup.  Based on the pictures, again, we were sold on Rusty.Rex&rusty When Maggie and I got there Monday afternoon, it was a wild bundle of black fur!  Maggie played with them a bit and then I asked for clarification on which one was Rusty.  She told us – the mostly black one with a little white mark on his back -- and Maggie focused on him and even picked him up.  I asked Maggie a couple of times if that was the one she wanted and she was certain.  Rocky and I were really only concerned with getting a male as Wiconi most likely wouldn’t put up with another female in the house.  So we told Sandy that we would take Rusty.


As we were leaving, Sandy came out to the car to let us know she mixed up Rex and Rusty.  Rex is actually the mostly black on with white paws, tail tip and marking on his back.  Maggie didn’t care.  She decided she wanted us to get Rex, but we will call him Rusty.  And on Saturday, we go pick him up.

Pretty sure we’re a little crazy for taking on a puppy.  But it will be nice to have a young dog around – we’ve always gotten adult dogs.  And Maggie has been asking for a puppy for several months (even asking for one barely an hour after we told her about Otis).  Many more pictures to come.

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