Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcomed into the family of God

2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 014 On Sunday June 5, we had Jessie baptized at our church.  As with any baby baptism, you can never be quite sure how well it will go, but Jessie did wonderfully.  Grandma Alana, Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Mike came out for it.  We also had a little birthday party for her with our church group after service (but I’ll post about that later because there are too many pictures for one post).2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 023

It was a beautiful service,  as it always is and it’s so wonderful to be in a place that it is obvious the pastor loves kids.  Jessie tested out the water earlier, but was none too impressed with Pastor Tim putting it on her head.

2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 034

She didn’t take her usual church time nap, and instead played with a box of tissue through the sermon, and a few times became the “Amen corner” while Pastor Tim talked.  Always the professional, he incorporated his love of children into the sermon and talked about how even though Jessie didn’t know it, she is a part of something bigger as a part of the family of God.

2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 016 2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 006

2011-06-05 Baptism and birthday 040

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