Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maggie is sometimes too smart

Maggie has a new pool. She loves to play in it. For about 5 minutes. Then she gets cold and needs a "warm bath." Grandpa Rich, Aunt Holly and cousins Jada & Jeff are here, and Maggie was thrilled to have more people to play with in her pool. Yesterday, she got Grandpa to go out with her and then Jada went out with her later. She got a bath after the first go around, but after playing with Jada, I decided she'd spent enough time in water (her warm baths can last up to an hour) and told her no, that I could wrap her in a warm towel to help her warm up. She pouted and asked why several times. Of course, once the whining starts, I know I can't change my mind. Then Maggie says "Mom, I will just ask Grandpa." Grandpa was sitting right there, so he also said "no." Then Maggie goes upstairs. A few minutes later she comes back with this cheap McDonald's Happy Meal toy: a "magic meatball" which is kind of like the old Magic 8 balls. She gets half way down the stairs and says "But Mom, the meatball says Yes!"

I wish I could say it's the first time she's tried this. She tried it several times while Grandma & Grandpa Dailey were here (especially the "well, I'll just ask Grandpa or Grandma")

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