Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 57

8 weeks. I cannot believe Jessie is already 8 weeks old. Okay, 8 weeks and 1 day. She's getting to be quite the chunky monkey. Last week, Jessie & I were invited to be part of a patient education video for new moms. We will be in a segment on postpartum depression and what to expect in your first pediatrician appointment. Jessie did so good during both segments. And of course, screamed on the way there and home. Jessie hates hates hates her car seat, though she doesn't seem to mind riding in the mini-van.

That's right, we've got a mini-van. The 4 of us were a bit snug in Pearl and Rocky found a Dodge Caravan Sport that we were able to pay for with cash. Maggie loves having the third seat all to herself and Rocky (and I) enjoy the extra room. Poh-Poh (the name Maggie gave to the mini-van) is about a foot longer than Bullet and I must admit that extra room will definitely be nice when going on trips. I was the one who didn't want a mini-van when we bought Bullet, but now that we have one (and still don't have a car payment) I have to admit I like it.

Jessie is growing well. We weighed her during the video shoot and she is now (or was last week) 10 lbs 10 oz. I think Maggie was closer to 3 months when she hit the double digits. Jessie has that elusive newborn smile -- smiles for us a lot until the camera comes out. She's discovered her thumb and likes to suck on her fingers. We are still somewhat encouraging the pacifier which she will sometimes take. She's got nursing down and gave up the nursing shield several weeks ago. Though, sometimes, she will gorge herself and then it all comes back up. Which means I'm doing lots more laundry. Or maybe it just seems that way because it feels like I'm always doing laundry and just can't keep up. I do know I've washed the bedding more frequently and the boppy has seen the inside of the washer much more than it did with Maggie. I don't remember Maggie throwing up at all (other than true illness) so this spitting up is weird. It's only a couple of times a week and obviously isn't hurting her growth! She loves to talk to us: I'm trying to get video of it, but most of those end in tears and I haven't been able to edit any yet. She is still sleeping well at night and does really really well if we get 2 good naps in during the day.

We will most likely be putting the girls in a different day care, Little Seeds, which is in the lower level of our church. Right now, we are just waiting on a date to get Jessie in. I'm hoping we'll move Maggie in early September to provide a smooth transition. Maggie's friend Caleb (see VBS video) is in the same class and they both are very excited about being in class together. We took a tour the other day so Maggie could check it out and so we could really see which age group is in which room.

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