Friday, March 5, 2010

Frantic Friday

Lots of thoughts rambing through my head:

Rocky's cell phone broke about a week ago or so, and yesterday he bought a slick new phone. Not quite the Smart phone variety, but lots of features and it got him thinking about our cell phones vs. having a home phone. When we lived in Michigan, we did not have a home phone, just our cell phones. We were headed that direction in Virginia until Hurricane Isabella hit and everyone was pretty much without cell service or was with very limited cell service. So, we got the home phone and eventually switched over to Virgin Mobile pay as you go plans, which we both really liked, and were very very affordable. I think I paid $20 every 2-3 months for the phone and I could call, text, do videos, photos and send those off as well. When we moved to Montana, we discovered (the hard way) that Sprint/Virgin Mobile does not have coverage in Montana. At all. So after a false start with a "pay as you go" plan (which still had a daily charge just for having the phone), we got a home phone with cell phones through Qwest. Then Qwest changed their cell phone coverage to Verizon. Our contract is up this summer (of course Rocky's phone breaks BEFORE this) and as we could never use up all of our minutes -- I think our plan has 700 minutes/month and last month we used 38 -- we are now looking at getting rid of the home phone and upgrading our plan this summer to allow us to get the Smartphones or Droid. So, I'm going to have to start researching what I want and deciding what I want/need a more complex phone to do for me, beyond making calls. Because honestly, I probably use my cell phone more for taking pictures and videos than actually making calls.

Maggie is falling into Beatle-mania a bit. She really enjoys the Beatles Rock Band game and her new favorite song is "Yellow Submarine". We have video of her and me playing the Rock Band game that I still need to edit and share. My goal for the weekend.

Rocky's garage theatre is coming to be. He purchased an inflatable movie screen (73 inches) and projector. I think he is still looking for the right speakers. But I came home the other night to Maggie and Rocky in the garage watching "Hulk vs. Thor" and after making some supper, we all watched most of "Beauty and the Beast" until it got too chilly in the garage (and I got too uncomfortable in the lawn chair). Rocky has some definite ideas of what movies he wants to show in his theatre, but I think I've talked him into a screening of "The Ten Commandments" -- Charlton Heston and all the cheesiness of that 50s classic movie would be perfect for a warm summer's night in the backyard with lots of popcorn and beer!

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and can't believe I'm almost to the third trimester! It feels like we've been waiting for this for so long and yet, it seems to be going by so fast. It is fun to watch Maggie and her fascinations. This morning, she accidentially, lightly kicked me and ask if she could say she was sorry to the baby and kissed me. I'm feeling the baby moving a lot more. I'm also going back and forth on if the baby is a boy or a girl. Part of me really wants another little girl, if only to be able to use some of those adorable little outfits we got for Maggie. But in all honesty, I don't care and am just looking forward to meeting this little one: who, I realized the other day, could be born on Father's Day!

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