Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tae Kwon Do

When Maggie was 3, the movie "Kung Fu Panda" came out. She decided right then that she needed to learn Kung Fu. We figured she would forget about it. Do we even know this girl?? Almost daily, we would drive by a school. And almost daily, Maggie would say "Dat's where I will learn Kung Fu." 
When she got into kindergarten, I started looking into it, though not too seriously. She didn't mention it as often, but it would still come up occasionally. Then we moved and we had a little more disposable income. Maggie started talking about it more and we thought it would be good to get her into something active. She's not interested in team sports. So we found a dojo called Victory Martial Arts and let her try a few classes. She was hooked!

She started in January 2014 and has progressed steadily, always passing to the next level: white, orange, yellow and now green belts. She is learning self defense, balance, confidence and how to break boards! Yes that is correct -- Mr Jeff insists that each student breaks a board prior to moving to the next belt. It usually takes her a few tries, but she has always done it. She is doing so well that other parents are commenting and Mr Jeff mentioned that she is catching on quicker, sometimes just my watching.

She's loving it and says she's taking it all the way to black belt!

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