Monday, April 7, 2014

Blessed (and Frustrated)

As I walked back from spin class this afternoon, I waffled on whether or not I really am frustrated. My weight doesn't seem to have changed and my clothes seem to fit the same. My thighs are still big, but wait, is that some muscle definition I see there? And how lucky am I to work 5 minutes from the gym? A gym that doesn't charge extra for classes?

We just "survived" a long winter -- bitter cold, snowy/windy days -- but we were never hungry. I wasn't ever worried about surviving the winter. We always were warm and had plenty of food.

Our little family is healthy. Trips to the doctor come once or twice a year and the most illness we have to worry about is a cold here & there or a splinter.

Today, the sun is shining, there is a slight breeze. I can hear bird singing. So my pants are a little tight. Today I am going to be thankful that I have pants! I have the clothing I need to protect my body -- which is strong, even if it has a little fluff. It is my body. I am still on this weight loss journey. I enjoy my spin and weight classes. I like my fitbit, which helps me stay on track with my food and my steps. I want my body to be a Holy Temple for God; I want to be disciplined so I can enjoy that one Girl Scout Thin Mint without wondering where the entire sleeve went! I want to be able to enjoy the spring weekends by walking or playing with my girls and not worry about being winded once we get to the park.

14. Therefore my friends, flee from idolatry. 21. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord & the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table & the table of demons. 1 Corinthians 10:14, 21

Food is not my reward and exercise is not my punishment. I'm doing a 4 week Bible Study in preparation for Easter and this was last Friday's verses. It stuck with me this weekend -- what are my idols? Has exercise become one? Food is -- definitely. It's time for me to spend more time with the Lord, taking time to pray before hitting the snacks at work! One bag of Cheez-its is all it takes to throw off my calorie intake! So I'm learning and remembering that I cannot do this alone. If I seek God's guidance and assistance, I CAN make this happen.

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