Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrating Christmases

I have to admit there are some really nice things about living so close to family. Being able to celebrate the holidays is definitely one of them. The girls have a lot of cousins that they really didn't get to see a lot of before. Now, that is very different! We've already been able to celebrate Christmas twice with Jada and Jeffrey, and even with the wide age range (14 to 3), they all got along very well through both celebrations. Jessie was so excited to see "Jeffwy" again [even if he did think she needed help opening her presents].

We will get to celebrate with their Dailey cousins on Saturday at the big Dailey celebration and this year, we get our first just our family Christmas morning since Jessie was born! [Not that we didn't like having Grandma there, but there's just something about letting it be just us.]

Everyone playing the dice game.

Jada helps Maggie make some rainbow bracelets.

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