Saturday, August 17, 2013


So here we are in South Dakota. Can't believe we are actually here. We are still waiting on the house to sell [prayers are MUCH appreciated for God to bless our house sale]. We are going to be staying in Watertown with Rocky's folks' basement with some stuff in Watertown, Brookings, Aberdeen and Wilmot. God is blessing our move -- I got a job offer from SDSU the same day I left Billings Clinic! We had a safe drive and have Maggie all set for school & after school. Now to get Jessie in day care.

We were blessed with lots of helpers in Billings and hope to have as many when we finally move into a house in Brookings.

Jessie checks out the moving supplies.
Maggie & Jessie check out the moving truck.
All the great helpers!
At Godfather's Pizza after.
Everything's packed up -- we are sleeping on the blow up mattresses (per Maggie's request)
Jessie & Maggie play with gummi bears on the drive to South Dakota
Taylor & Maggie in the truck after it's been unloaded (in Watertown and Brookings)

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