Monday, July 15, 2013

For Sale

I haven't written much about our upcoming move. I'm still a bit torn about going back to South Dakota, but with every sign pointing to this being the right thing to do ... Well, you can only argue with God for so long. So, once we made the decision to move back so Rocky could start his dream job, we put our beautiful home on the market. We have had a lot of interest, but no offer yet. I believe that God has something amazing planned, but 40+ days of keeping our home show ready is starting to wear on all of us. Ready to try anything, today, I purchased a Saint Joseph icon. This is a tradition started by Catholic nuns in the eighteenth century who would bury St. Joseph medals, asking the saint to bless their search for land for new convents. 

Growing up Presbyterian, I know very little about saints. I have prayed to St Anthony for assistant in finding lost objects (though it took him awhile to lead us to my rings). I have vague knowledge that there are patron saints of a lot of areas of life, but I never thought there was one for selling your home. And for it to be St Joseph! But I guess it does make sense as he moved his family several times during Jesus' first few years on Earth.

So tonight, we will bury the St Joseph statue in our yard and pray for his assistance. I'm very happy there is a chest sheet with this statue as I wasn't sure how to explain all this to Maggie!

Dear Saint Joseph, God the Father chose you from all the men to be the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus. You cared thoughtfully and wholeheartedly for them while on earth. It was through you that Jesus first learned of His Heavenly Father's gentleness, compassion, protection, and provision. So close were you that He was known simply as the carpenter's son. We now ask your help in these our requests. Please intercede before our Heavenly Father for His protection, provision, and peace.  Help us sell our home and find a new one, suitable for our needs. Grant us harmony and grace in our home, and may we be ever hospitable to family, friends and neighbors. Finally when our life on earth is over, bring us safely to our heavenly home, where at last we shall enjoy joy with you and all the family of God. Amen. 

Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us. Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of a happy home and safeguard of families, pray for us.

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