Monday, April 22, 2013

Jessie-isms: Negotiating Skills

Jessie LOVES Rusty. He is just the best thing to her. And she loves to give him treats. She's gotten so good that he listens to her and is very gentle with her. Yesterday was another day that she wanted to give him treats. So, we went to the "food closet" and got the box and grabbed 2 treats. "Mommy, I give Rusty 2 tweats."

Then, after those were gone, she asked if she could give him more: "Mommy, I give Rusty 2 more tweats."
Me: "No, just one"
J: "Two" (holding up 2 fingers)
M: "No, just one treat" (holding up 1 finger)
J: "Two"
M: "Jessica, no, just one treat."
J: "Okay, Mommy, one tweat" (holding up 1 finger)

Jessie runs into the kitchen, gets the box, and runs back in. "Mommy, I got Rusty FIVE tweats!"
M: "Jessie, we said just one."
J: "No, Mommy, say 5 tweats" (attempts to juggle 5 treats in one hand and hold up 5 fingers in the other)
M: "Jessie, one."
J: "No, we say 5" and she handed a treat to Rusty, who happily ended up eating what was left in the box (many many more than 5).

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