Friday, February 11, 2011

A visit to the Eye Doctor, in Maggie’s words

eyedr01 “Well, they checked my eyes if they are healthy.  Well, I didn’t need any glasses. I had to read something. I had to read, I have to see cake, a motorcycle, what else? Hmmm.  I got it!  Hmm, I got one more!  A hand! And a bird!  I have to cover an eye, but the first one, my mom has to cover my eyes, but just one eye. First this eye then the other eye.  Then, I have to check if they are good or not good in the other room. He put drops in my eye.  It feels a little itchy.  Well, they do help my eyes.  And what else do they help? They help the doctor see behind my eye.  We went to McDonalds after the eye doctor.eyedr02

He did it first.  Cover my eyes.  I get to do it too.  I sit in a big chair. I make how the Es were and they were different.  They were some normal.  They were some upside down!  I mean they were some on the back and also on the threes they kinda look like an E upside down.  Then it was over.”



Maggie did a very good job at the eye doctor!  He said her eyes are very healthy, with a slight astigmatism in each eye, which could indicate a need for glasses in the future.  He said she doesn’t need to come back for a couple years unless we notice she’s having some problems.  She was disappointed the other day when we told her she probably wouldn’t get glasses today, but didn’t even mention it today.

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  1. its so funny.....