Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 2008

We are adjusting to life as a one dog family. Having Otis made the transition easy for Maggie as she doesn't realize Nala is gone. Otis is enjoying his new status as well. He has many more privileges, such as sleeping in the house and being allowed on the bed. Of course, I had forgotten what it's like to be awoken at 5 a.m. to a dog trying to get your attention because he wants to go outside. Once it gets warmer and we get the backyard going, hopefully we'll have a fence and a doggie door so Otis can let himself out!

Maggie is talking more and more. She loves to smell food and declare it "Dee-lish-ous!" Her imagination is growing. She will have two toys talk to each other and will often make us food in her kitchen to eat (and we are told to "Eat it!"). She still loves books, but is not content to be read to. She loves to "read" to us and will make up stories as she goes. So far, my favorite is the "Princess Bassoon" story. I plan to upload it to YouTube for all to enjoy.

We are trying to figure out our summer plans. Along with putting in a backyard, we have 2 weddings to attend and would like to get a family vacation to Yellowstone in at sometime. That may get pushed back to fall, which would be fine as I'm sure Yellowstone is lovely in the fall. There are also lots of places right around Billings we'd like to see and maybe do a little light hiking this summer (if Maggie will cooperate and ride in the carrier!)

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