Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 2008 part 2

FINALLY I have a reason to update that doesn't involve what Maggie's doing now! A week ago, I decided to go for a long time dream of mine and auditioned for the community theatre here in town. They are putting on "The Producers." It's been ages since I've sung and even longer since I had to audition for anything. And I've never auditioned for a musical, which I've always wanted to do. I was very nervous, but fortunately, I know the choreographer, so there was a familiar face in the audience for me. I had to wait until Wednesday to find out that I got a part in the chorus! I'm excited and nervous, but just thrilled that I finally get to be in a musical. It's a huge time commitment --- rehearsals start tonight and go through the end of August, and there are 4 weekends of shows. I'll get the actual schedule tonight, but according to my co-worker, it's pretty much 5 nights a week, 3 hours a night. Rocky and I will have to do some balancing, especially with his class schedule, but I know it will be worthwhile. If there are any videos to share, be certain that I will!!

Other than that, it is business as usual in the Dailey house. Our yard has been hydro-seeded and we are seeing "baby grass" (as Maggie calls it). We are already talking about what we want to do next year -- plants, a pergola, maybe a fence. Otis does such a good job of keeping his "business" outside our yard!

Rocky is in another class and hopes to take a least one class a semester until he has his Ed.D. He is also keeping an eye on jobs at the local colleges as that will help with the tuition bills! And of course, Maggie is still growing and becoming a little girl more every day. She loves to give us hugs and say "I love you Mommy." She is starting to make up songs, with whatever is in her hand or whatever we are doing. She even has a "Poopy goes in the Potty" song -- even if she's not getting to the potty prior to the poopy!

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