Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Opening Night

I am two days away from my very first opening night for a musical. I’ve been in high school plays before but those were part of class and not everyone took them as seriously as we should have. Now, I’m in a community theatre production of “The Producers.” A fun show. And a life-long dream of mine. And to think I almost chickened out of the audition.

The time commitment for this has been unbelieveable. I could most likely be 2 classes closer to a master’s degree with the time that I’ve used for rehearsals. I’ve been gone so much that the word “rehearsal” brings out the bottom lip for my daughter. But this is a huge show, with lots of wonderful musical numbers. Dancing little old ladies with their walkers. Showgirls in pearls. Springtime for Hitler. The cast is excellent, hard working and going the extra mile for the show.
I love singing again. Hearing the harmonies that send chills up your spine. Hitting those high notes that I can feel in my nose. Finally finally FINALLY getting those few steps right! And hearing the audience laugh. Wow. That is just an amazing feeling, especially when I know it’s my performance, especially when they’ve seen it and they still laugh.

Tonight is the first full dress rehearsal. And we only have 2. We hope all the costumes are ready. We hope we can get the timing down for moving the sets. We hope to not run nylons or mascara.

I’m tired. We’re all a little cranky, but I know it will be a great show. I know my husband and daughter will be happy when it’s over and I’m back at home in the evenings. Part of me will be happy too. And part of me wishes it would never end. It’s been a lot of fun. Will I do it again? Maybe, someday. It would depend on the show and the timing. But at least I can say I’ve done it this time.

And here's the review:

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